Yellow Bowel Movement

What Causes a Person to Have yellow Bowel Movement

Medical studies have shown that a person can have yellow bowel movement if he is suffering from gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD. A person having this kind of disease will have his or her digestive intestinal tract expelling the digestive foods in a much quicker manner compared to a normal digestive intestinal tract, whereby foods are thoroughly digested and would only travel through the intestinal tract in normal time and would have to be moved out of the bowel on a normal daily basis.

How GERD can Causes a Person to Have Yellow Bowel Movements

The abnormally fast processing of foods in the digestive system of a person with GERD would make his bowel movement yellow in color. This is in contrast to a dark colored stool when it will take a longer period in the intestine and a natural brown colored stool for a normal bowel movement. Another cause for a yellow bowel movement will be a malfunctioning liver. Bile salts from the liver give our stools the natural brown color. When the bile ducts or passageway of the liver is clogged, bile cannot be discharged from the liver thus making the stool yellow in color.

What you should do with a Yellow Bowel Movement

When you have a continuing yellow bowel movement, you should have to consult your doctor. There are actually two indications of what may cause this, whether you have a GERD or a liver problem. If you suffer from heartburn, chest pain, sore throat and chronic cough, you might have GERD. But if you do not have any of these symptoms but you feel pain in the upper right side of your stomach, you might have some liver problems. Have your doctor do a thorough diagnosis of your condition so that you may be given the correct medication for your ailment and make the color of your stool back to the natural brown color, again.