White Bowel Movement

What is a White Bowel Movement?

White Bowel Movement is when a person would have white stools. In most cases, persons who are having white stools tend to discount any possibility of serious impairment to their health since many of them believe that the very pale color of their stools are mostly due to the foods that they eat. In some cases, however, white bowel movement is an indication that something is wrong with your body.

Causes of White Bowel Movement

The usual cause of a white bowel movement is a malfunctioning liver or biliary system. It should be noted that bile is what causes our stools to be colored brown, which is the natural color of stools. A white bowel movement would usually indicate blocked bile ducts in your liver. An indicator of blocked bile ducts aside from white bowel movement will be pain in the upper right part of your stomach. 

What To Do If You are Having White Bowel Movement

If you are experiencing persistent white bowel movements, you need to have a doctor examine you immediately to determine any problems with your liver. An ultrasound examination can determine if your liver has any blocked bile ducts that cause your stool to have white colors. In case it is confirmed you have blocked bile ducts in your liver, you will then be given the needed medication to correct the symptoms.