Vaginal Bleeding After Bowel Movement

Vaginal Bleeding After Bowel Movement Concerns

If you have a bleeding vagina after you move your bowels, it would indeed be such a nasty thing to experience considering the many things imaginable that might be causing the bleeding. According to some experts, this kind of situation does not necessarily be a cause for concern as there are many possible reasons for this.

What Causes My Vagina to Bleed After My BowelMovements? 

In most cases, vaginal infections cause your vagina to bleed after bowel movement. Vaginal bleeding can also be caused by disorganized endometrium. A sensitive cervix can also be a cause of vaginal bleeding after bowel movement. Although this situation is one indication of cervical cancer, most often, the diagnosis will point to a simple vaginal infection.

What to Do With a Bleeding Vagina after Bowel Movement

The proper thing for you to do here is consult your doctor. If vaginal infection is the culprit, then a medication to combat this problem can stop your vaginal bleeding after bowel movement. Otherwise, several tests will be made by your doctor to properly diagnose your condition if vaginal infection is not the cause. After being diagnosed and given the proper medication, you can again return to your regular bowel movement without any bleeding vagina anymore.