Toddler Bowel Movement

Things that Parent’s Should Know about Their Toddler’s Bowel Movement

Toddler bowel movement usually does not have problems unlike adults. This is because they have not yet been exposed to different kinds of foods that we adults are exposed to and which would usually cause different kinds of bowel movement problems. Considering that toddlers still depend on milk and baby’s food, the usual problem that you will face with your toddler bowel movement will be constipation.

How to Identify Constipation in Your Toddler Bowel Movement

Constipation is the usual problem of mothers with regards to their toddler’s bowel movements. You can easily identify if your toddler is constipated if you notice the following signs; he has less than three bowel movements for the week, the stools are dry large and hard, and your toddler finds difficulty in having his bowel movements. According to a table prepared by the American Academy of Pediatrics, a toddler with an age of 1 to 3 years will have a daily average of 1.4 bowel movements. Those who are over 3 years will be 1 bowel movement per day.

What to Do for a Constipated Toddler Bowel Movement

You need to seek advice from your pediatrician for the proper guide and needed medication to alleviate the constipation of your toddler every time he moves his bowel.