Smelly/Stinky Bowel Movement

Smelly/Stinky Bowel Movement Concerns

Smelly and stinky bowel movement can be a cause for concern and shame. I once experienced this situation. In my country, we have a fruit known natively as santol. One day a relative brought to our house half a sack of this fruit and I nearly consumed half of it. Early the following day when I moved my bowels, my stools smelled the odor of the santol fruit. The odor was so strong that it permeated the whole house that even our house helper cooking downstairs remarked if where was the santol smell coming from.

The Causes of Smelly/Stinky Bowel Movements

I just would like to point out that usually, the smell of our stools is influenced by the food that we eat. Aside from this, there can also be other medical causes like Cystic fibrosis, Malabsorption, Celiac Disease, Jaundice, and other related intestinal diseases.

Addressing a Smelly/Stinky Bowel Movements

First, try to recognize the odor of your stool. Does it in anyway correspond to the odor of a food that you have eaten a lot of? If so, try not to eat that food for a while and other smelly foods and see what happens. In case the odor vanishes from your stools, then what you are fond of eating of is the culprit. Now, if the smell still persists, then this is the time that you have to see your doctor for a diagnosis of the problem.