Small Bowel Movement

Small Bowel Movement Characteristic

There are actually several kinds of small bowel movements. There are long but thin stools; there are also short but a little bit plump stools and other variations though still considered as small stools. These variations sometimes will be in accordance to the size of a person. A big person will consider his stool small but it will already be a huge stool for a small person.

What Are the Causes of Small Bowel Movements

Ordinarily, an individual who eats small will also have small stools. Another cause for small stools will be parasites within a person’s digestive organs that would tend to take away the nutrients of foods. Intestinal growth will also result to small stools due to narrowing of passageways.

What Should Be Done If You Have Small Bowel Movements

You can first try to eat a lot of foods and drink a lot of liquid and see if your stools will become big. If it still remains small for your size, the next thing that you should do is to have a medical diagnosis for possible parasitic infestation of your intestine or for possible growth that may hamper the size of your stools coming out of your system.