Mucus/Slime Bowel Movement

What Happens When You Have a Mucus/Slime Bowel Movement

Mucus and slime bowel movement is indicated by having mucus all over your stools. Other times, the mucus discharge from your bowel movement can be seen from the tissue paper that you wipe your anus with. This mucus which is slimy in looks can sometimes even spurt out of your anus even when you are already out of the comfort room, and will in effect attach to your underwear.

Causes of Mucus/Slime Bowel Movement

Mucus and slimy bowel movement can be caused by chronic pancreatitis. Sometimes it can also be due to unprocessed fats in your stools. Other possible cause might be due to celiac disease. Actually, mucus/slime bowel movement can be caused by several abnormalities in our abdominal walls but would be temporary in nature and would tend to revert back to a regular bowel movement after some time.

What to do with a persistent Mucus/Slime Bowel Movement

You have to consult your doctor for a diagnosis to correctly identify what causes your mucus/slime bowel movement. With a regular colonoscopy, they can identify whether the cause might be due to malabsorption or what they call as chronic pancreatitis. Other diagnosis would involve blood test that can determine if you have celiac disease, and imaging diagnosis for enzyme and pancreatic test. If these tests are negative, then the only thing left for you is to eat a lot of fiber from fruits such as oranges and bananas.