Skinny or Narrow Bowel Movement

Skinny/Narrow Bowel Movement and its Causes

Narrow and skinny stools have several causes. One is due to an IBS or irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBS is not a cause for concern really, since this condition might just be in passing. However, it can also be an indication of an obstruction in the passageway of your intestine. A medical diagnosis will have to be carried out to trace the actual cause. Diarrhea can also cause your stools to become narrow due to the speed by which foods are processed in the intestine.

What Should you do with a Skinny/Narrow Bowel Movement?

If you think you are experiencing bouts of diarrhea have an immediate checkup to correct it. You can also help your skinny/narrow bowel movement to become regular in size by eating fiber laden foods. Eating foods with a lot of fiber will enhance more the efficiency of your digestive system to give you good sized bowel movements. Further, it can help to lessen your IBS if incase you might be suffering from it as indicated by your
skinny/narrow bowel movement.

Consult Your Doctor if Your Skinny/Narrow Bowel Movements Persist
If your skinny/narrow bowel movement continues even when your diarrhea and IBS has been corrected, a proper diagnosis with your doctor has to be made since there might be a growth in your intestinal tract resulting to your skinny/narrow bowel movements.