Painful Bowel Movement

Painful Bowel Movement Can Be a Misery

Having to suffer a painful bowel movement can be a miserable thing to happen to anybody. Most people will choose to have a diarrhea instead of suffering a painful bowel movement due to a large and very hard stool that cannot seem to pass by the hole of your anus.

Causes of Painful Bowel Movement

Painful bowel movement is caused by large and hard stools that are painful and hard to flush out of your bowels. You are said to have constipation when you have this condition. Aside from constipation, other causes of painful bowel movement will be anal fissures, which are caused by large and hard stools forcibly coming out of your anal hole. Hemorrhoids can also cause painful bowel movement. If you have hemorrhoids and you happen to eat hot and spicy foods, you can expect a painfully hot bowel movement the following day with a complimentary swelling of your hemorrhoids.

How to Avoid Painful Bowel Movement

There are many over the counter medications to soften your stools. However, the best way to avoid large and hard stools is by drinking a lot of liquid, eating foods with lots of fibers and having a lot of exercise. Also, take care not to eat hot and spicy foods when you have hemorrhoids.