Orange Bowel Movement

OMG! I Have an Orange Bowel Movement

Relax, and stay calm. There is nothing to be worried about having an orange bowel movement. The usual cause of having an orange bowel movement is because you have eaten too many carrots. Eating too much squash or sweet potatoes will also make the color of your stools orange.

Other Causes of Orange Bowel Movement

Drinking natural fruit juices such as orange juice, mango juice can also give you orange colored stools. The same is true with orange colored ingredients that they use in carbonated drinks.

Another cause why you have an orange bowel movement will be your vitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements especially vitamin C can cause the color of your stools to become orange in color. In fact there is a lot of vitamin C that aside from making the color of your stools orange, can also make the color of your urine from crystal clear liquid to orange.

What to do When You Have Orange Bowel Movement

As what I have said, don’t panic. Orange bowel movement is no cause for alarm. Try to think if what are those orange colored fruits and vegetables that you almost always eat during the last few days. List them down and don’t ever touch them. Next, train your sight on those orange colored drinks, both natural and unnatural, meaning carbonated with orange colored ingredients. Classify them also as enemy no. 2 for the time being, until the orange color of your stools disappears.

Next in line will be your vitamins. Try not to take any vitamins for a while. Wait until such time when you go to the toilet and finding out that your stools have change its colors from orange stools to the natural brown colors.

You can now flush the toilet happy in your thought of brown colored stools.