Oily/Greasy Bowel Movement

My Goodness! I Have Oily/Greasy Bowel Movement

Oily and greasy bowel movement does not endanger your life so relax and take it easy. This type of bowel movement will even make your bowel movement easy as you have already the needed lubricants to make the delivery of your stools to the outside world much easier. In fact there are even times when you will feel something oily jetting out of your hole even when you are not in the toilet.

Why Do I have Oily/Greasy Bowel Movement?

It might be that your oil slick is caused by eating too much oily food, or you may have a pancreatitis. Naturally, if you are always eating a lot of fats chances are your stool will be oily and greasy, just like the food you eat. There is also the possibility that you might be suffering from pancreatitis. When you have pancreatitis, nutrients from the foods you eat cannot be easily absorbed by the body. This is particularly true with fatty foods. Thus, the fats that cannot be absorbed by your body will be ejected from your anus together with your stools.

What should I do if I Have an Oily or Greasy Bowel Movement?

Try not eating any fatty foods and see what happens. If your oily/greasy bowel movement continues, consult your doctor.  In most cases, pancreatitis might be causing your oily/greasy bowel movement. If confirmed, your doctor will give you the needed medication so that your oily/greasy bowel movement will come to a stop and revert back to normal.