Liquid Bowel Movement

What Is Liquid Bowel Movement?

When the stools coming out of your anus are more or less composed of liquid materials, then we can say that you have a liquid bowel movement, nothing more, and nothing less. Liquid bowel movement can come any time, anywhere and can result to wetting your butt and pants with a smelly odor.

If you happen to be suffering liquid bowel movement, it would be better for you to stay at home until you can lick the problem. Otherwise, you will be putting yourself in obvious shame when you suddenly spurt out those smelly liquids in public.

What Can Cause Liquid Bowel Movement?

Again, diarrhea will be the cause of your liquid bowel movement. Usually, the ordinary kind of diarrhea which you get from contaminated drinking water and foods. This is especially true if you are traveling. To prevent this from happening to you, only drink from bottled water sold at malls and grocery stores. If you do travel abroad, try to eat only at well known restaurants and world famous fast foods. This way you can avoid getting for yourself an unwanted liquid bowel movement.

What to do with Liquid Bowel Movement

The best thing for you to do is buy several pills of those anti diarrhea tablets and drink them according to the pharmacist prescription and stay put in your house or hotel until such time when your bowel movements returns to normal. If your liquid bowel movement persists, then it is time for you to see a doctor.