Large or Huge Bowel Movement

Large or Huge Bowel Movement Concerns

Having large and huge bowel movement can of course prove troublesome. The fact that you will find it a waste of your time staying inside the comfort room trying your best to let out your huge stool, and even panicking at the thought that because of its hugeness, it might get stuck in your anus, and having to report for work with an unmoved huge stool in your hole. This scenario is what are in the minds of many who are experiencing large and huge bowel movement that are quite hard to flush out of their constricted anus.

What are the Causes of Large or Huge Bowel Movement

Lack of fluid intake is one of the causes why you have large and dry bowel movement. Also, the foods that you eat have a lot of bearing on your stools. Another factor will be your bowel movement schedule. There are people who have irregular bowel movement schedules which would lead to huge sizes of stools due to its accumulation in the intestine.

Preventive Measures to Preclude Large or Huge Bowel Movement

Actually, the only way to prevent large and huge stools will be to drink plenty of water daily and to eat foods with lots of fiber. Try doing this for several days and you can see the easiness by which your regular size stools will pass through your stretched anus.