Infant Bowel Movement

Infant Bowel Movement Concerns

Infant bowel movement are a cause for concern if ever you as a mother do not have the right idea of determining how to note down a bowel movement that should make you call for your pediatrician or not. It would be a good idea for mothers to learn about your infant’s bowel movement and to know how to spot a good infant stool from a stool that needs pediatrician assistance.

Infant Bowel Movement that would Need You to Call a Doctor

Different infant bowel movement colors ranging from green, to yellow to brown are all normal and do not call for any medical help since these colors are normal caused by breastfeeding or infant formula milk. You can feel relaxed when your baby delivers green or yellow stools. But when you see red or black in the stool, then you have to call your pediatrician. Possible causes would be a tear in the infant’s anus or maybe some inborn growth in the infant’s digestive system.

How About a Hard Infant Bowel Movement?

If you are breastfeeding your baby, chances are your baby will not have any hard stools. Hard infant bowel movements are usually experienced by infants when they are fed infant formula milk.