Hot/Spicy Bowel Movement

Hot/Spicy Bowel Movement Is When Your Anus Seems to Caught fire When You Move Your Bowel

As in most cases, a hot and spicy bowel movement would simply be an indication that your anus would be hurting from a burning sensation like it was being torched in an acetylene welding shop. This burning sensation the moment your stools pass by your anus would make you run for water and try to dose the burning flames in your anus.

The Usual Cause of a Hot/Spicy Bowel Movement

Hot and spicy foods would usually cause a person to have a hot bowel movement. Hot and spicy foods are irritants to the stomach linings, more specifically to the anus. Hemorrhoids are most often the result of eating too many hot and spicy foods. If you have ulcers or hemorrhoids, it is never good to be eating a lot of hot and spicy foods since you will be aggravating them both.

What to Do With a Hot/Spicy Bowel Movement

Stop eating hot and spicy foods and for sure your bowel movement will return to normal without those burning sensation in your anus during the passage of your stools. If the burning sensation persists even if you have already stopped eating those hot and spicy foods, then what you have to do is submit yourself for a medical diagnosis for any possible intestinal disorders that you may have.