Green Bowel Movement

Do I have to Be Concerned with a Green Bowel Movement?

Beforehand, please be advised that a green bowel movement is not something to be alarmed about. Actually, there are only two possible causes why you can have green bowel movement.

Thank you. But What Causes my Green Bowel Movement?

First, are the foods you eat. Leafy green vegetables for instance, can make your stools look green. Green colorings from cakes and other fast foods products with green colorings can also contribute to having a green colored stool. Iron supplements and other related vitamins can likewise enhance green bowel movement. There are some studies made that would suggest that stress can also cause your stool to have a greenish color.

Diarrhea may be a second cause for having a green bowel movement. The abnormal processing of foods in your intestine would usually result to an abnormal time to expel the processed food waste from your body bringing along with it raw bile from your liver in its true green color. Bile from the liver is green in color. Mixed with food waste with the right amount of processing time in the intestine, it will make your stools coming out of your bowel brown in color, which is the natural and normal color of your stool.

What You Should Do If You Have Green Bowel Movement

All that you have to do is avoid eating green colored foods and see what happens. If you have a continuing green bowel movement, have yourself checked by your doctor for possible diarrhea affliction. Once your diarrhea have been arrested through medication, you can then be sure to have a natural brown colored stools.