Dark Bowel Movement

Why Do I Have a Dark Bowel Movement?

Actually, there are several causes of dark stools. One is due to a person’s inactivity; some digestive foods may have been left unflushed from his or her intestinal tract. This will naturally have a dark color when the time comes that it can suddenly be flushed from the person’s intestine. Second, food ingredients and iron supplements can also cause stools to become dark. The third cause might be due to internal bleeding in some parts of the intestine.

Can a Dark Bowel Movement be a Cause for Concern?

Bleeding in the intestine that can cause your stools to become black because of the blood is medically termed as melena. However, if your stools are black due to food coloring and iron supplements, it is termed as false melena and will of course, not a cause for concern.

What to Do With a Persistent Dark Bowel Movement

You should increase your physical activities through exercise and by having a lot more of liquid intake. This will cause the flushing out of your intestine all the remaining digested foods to make your stools current and lighter in color. For people taking iron and other vitamin supplements, you can momentarily stop your supplements and see if your stools will become lighter in color.

Once you have determined that your supplements are the ones causing the dark coloring of your stools, it would now entirely depend on you if you still wish to continue with your supplements. Change the foods that you usually would tend to eat. Avoid dark colored foods. And see what happens to the color of your stools. Now if you have already done all these and you still have that persistent dark bowel movement, then it is time you see a doctor. Chances are you might have a bleeding ulcer that causes your stools to become black.