Children Bowel Movement

Constipation in Your Children Bowel Movement

Majority of the problems encountered by parents when it comes to their children bowel movements are always the problem of constipation. Although diarrhea can also be a problem, constipation is more or less the most prevalent problem.

Diarrhea in Your Children Bowel Movement

Diarrhea on the other hand, are usually caused by unclean and contaminated foods and liquids that your children may have eaten or drunk. The problem with Diarrhea is that it may cause dehydration to your child if not properly treated at its earliest sign.

What to do with Constipation and Diarrhea in Your Child’s Bowel Movement

For constipation, let your child drink a lot of liquid and give him foods that are fiber laden. Encourage your child to play and run so that his or her digestive system can function well and prevent constipation. As always, it is important for a good volume of water to be given to your active child to prevent constipation through dehydration.  For diarrhea, at the earliest possible sign, see your pediatrician to have the right medication for your child.