Burning Bowel Movement

Burning Bowel Movement Concern

A burning bowel movement will cause somebody to feel as if her anus is on fire after moving her bowels. This burning sensation that she feels in her anus will make her very much uncomfortable. Many people would describe this burning sensation as if your anus is subjected to torch welding.

Causes of Burning Bowel Movement

There are two common causes for this burning bowel sensation. IBSĀ  (Irritatable Bowel Syndrome) and hemorrhoids inflammation. With an IBS, the feeling will be a continuing burning sensation until your IBS calms down. Hemorrhoids will give you the burning sensation once you eat hot and spicy foods. Once your hemorrhoids inflames because of the hot and spicy foods that you have eaten, it will take you several days to subdue the fire in your butt.

What to Do With a Burning Bowel Movement

To address the burning bowel movement, all that you have to do is to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of foods that are fiber rich. Eating a lot of fruits like oranges and bananas will help. Stay away from hot and spicy foods. And by the way, do not forget to exercise. This is a good way of making your bowel movement regular and does away with the burning sensation so long as you stay away from those hot and spicy foods.