Bowel Movement During Intercourse

Bowel Movement during Intercourse can be Messy

Naturally, of course! But this tendency of women to have a bowel movement during intercourse are involuntary and are not due to any bowel disease or what, unless they are suffering from diarrhea and have sexual intercourse without first waiting for her diarrhea to subside through medication.

What Are The Situations To Cause Women To Have Bowel Movement During Sexual Intercourse?

Bowel movement during sexual intercourse usually happens to women when they experience a very intense sexual orgasm and more especially so if their stools are near their rectum during the time she had intercourse with her partner. Another factor that would tend to make the woman have a bowel movement during intercourse will be the size of her partner’s organ. Since the bowel is just besides the vagina, an extra large sized penis will exert pressure on the bowels of the woman. Added to this will be the very intense orgasm of the woman will put further pressure on her stools leading to the involuntary release of her stools from her rectum at the very height of her orgasm.

What should A Woman Do To Prevent Bowel Movement during Sexual Intercourse?

Never attempt to have intercourse while suffering a bout of diarrhea. Before you have sexual intercourse, be sure to move your bowels in the toilet. Following these two simple steps will prevent you from having bowel movement during your sexual intercourse.