Bowel Movement Colors

When It Comes to Bowel Movement Colors, do you know the Right Color?

Brown is the color of the day, or the natural color of our feces. As in colors, our feces with the natural brown color can be in several shades. Dark brown or light brown, depending on what we put into our mouth to digest. Other times, our feces change into some other exciting colors due to some factors that can influence the digestive system. Although some of these colors might provide clues to a particular disease, most are just the product of temporary discoloration of the stool because of food content, stress, and viral infections. These conditions can be easily remedied by medications to bring back the natural brown colors

Bowel Movement Colors, Aside from the Natural Brown

Other fecal colors that can be made due to disease, stress and food contents are dark, green, yellow, orange, red, white and even no color at all, or clear fecal.

Aspiring For the Natural in Your Bowel Movement Colors

When you have this persistent bowel movement color that is unnatural, consult your doctor to determine if what causes the unnatural fecal color. A careful diagnosis can reveal any disease that you might have. Once your disease is known and you are given medication, you can expect to see the natural brown color once again, every time you move your bowel. For unnatural bowel movement color due to stress and food ingredients, the unnatural color would only be temporary and would revert back to the natural brown fecal color once you are relieved of stress or you have shifted to eating other kinds of food.