Bloody Bowel Movement

My Goodness! I have a Bloody Bowel Movement

Having a bloody bowel movement can surely mess up your day. All day long, the thought of blood in your stools will bug you no end. And at the end of the day, you will be thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was just some food particles that might have scrapped your butt causing it to bleed and therefore, no cause for alarm as tomorrow there will be no more blood. The following day, you were proven wrong and you now begin to think what caused your bloody bowel movement.

What can cause Your Bloody Bowel Movement

Actually, there can be several causes to a bloody bowel movement. One is if you have hemorrhoids. If the blood you see on your stools is bright red, then it is from your hemorrhoids. A dark blood would mean you have an internal bleeding in your intestine. Anal fissures due to large and hard stools can also give you bloody bowel movement. Lately, due to the growing sex fad about anal sex, anal fissures can also be caused by anal sex and would result to your bloody bowel movement. Bloody bowel movement can also be caused by ulcers and IBD or what they call as inflammatory bowel disease. Tumors and cancers of the intestine can also cause a bloody bowel movement.

What to Do With a Bloody Bowel Movement

When you have a bloody bowel movement, what you need to do is see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.