Adult Bowel Movement

The Nature of Adult Bowel Movement

Bowel movements in adults is by no means a simple matter like having to flush out from your body the waste matter from the food that you have eaten after the nutrients from such foods have already been absorbed by your system. Indeed, your bowel movement as an adult can tell you through medical diagnosis, if what are the possible diseases that you have in your digestive system.

Colors and Sizes of an Adult Bowel Movement

The colors and sizes of adult bowel movement tell much about the condition of a person digestive organ. If your stools are colored green, you may have a problem at the speed of your stool processing since the green colors of your stools indicate bile from your liver which has not yet thoroughly mixed with your waste. If your stools are dark, it may be that you have kept your stools longer than normal in your intestine or that you may be suffering from internal bleeding. If you have very pale colored stools you may have malfunctioning liver since the green bile from your liver in not present. If you have pencil sized stools, you may have abdominal growth that would tend to constrict the passageway of your stools.

What Color can Indicate a Healthy Adult Bowel Movement?

A healthy adult bowel movement would be a daily trip to the toilet with stools that are of regular size, depending on the size of your body structure, and most of all the color should be healthy brown color.