Gritty/Abrasive Bowel Movement

The Nature of a Gritty/Abrasive Bowel Movement

When you move your bowel and during the time your stool is coming out of your anus you feel as if its inside is being scraped by a heavy duty scraper or sand paper, then you can define it as a gritty and abrasive bowel movement

What Causes Gritty/Abrasive Bowel Movement?

Nuts, nuts and nuts! If you are fond of eating nuts without properly chewing them, chances are your stools will be full of solid particles that were not properly digested. Other than nuts, other hard to digest foods that you did not properly chew will also contribute to making your stools gritty and abrasive

How to Avoid Gritty/Abrasive Bowel Movement

There are actually two ways in which you can prevent your stools to become gritty and abrasive. First, confine yourself to eating soft foods. Stay clear of the nuts section whenever you are in grocery stores. Instead, go direct to the fruit section and help yourself to fiber fruits like oranges, mangoes and bananas. Second, drink a lot of liquid. This can help in softening your stools. Once you have done all these, you can expect a soft gliding of your stools every time you move your bowels.